Banoful Laccha Semai 200gm

৳ 35.00

  • 1. Product Type: Instant Food
  • 2. Brand: Banoful
  • 3. Net Weight: 200gm.
  • 4. Ingredients: Roasted vermicelli, milk, ghee, sugar
  • 5. Food value: Calories, fat, sodium, dietary fiber.
  • 6. Country of origin: Bangladesh
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Shemai originated in Bangladesh. The English name of shemai Vermicelli. Especially consumed by the Bangladeshi Muslims. It is a distant relative of an Afghani dish called sheer Khurma. In Bangladesh, there are several types of shemai and many companies produce shemai.

Laccha shemai is a popular food item in Bangladesh. Especially during Eid. Almost every Muslim household makes shemai to celebrate Eid. People of all ages love shemai a lot. Banoful Laccha shemai brings the country’s best laccha shemai to the table.

Making shemai requires no hard effort. Just put laccha shemai into hot boiling milk with sugar. It takes a few minutes to get this job done. You can also try Sajeeb Vermicelli Semai 200gm.

Benefits of Banoful Laccha Shemai 200gm


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